It's kitten season again, and as always, the shelters are overflowing not only with kittens, but with older cats who are in need of loving forever homes! Our fosters currently have many wonderful little ones, most of whom barely escaped untimely death at rural shelters who simply didn't have the space or resources to keep them alive. Luckily, our dedicated foster families are giving them love, food, medical care, and all the affection they need to be healthy, fabulous kitties! Here are their pics and a little info.

You can find out more, and arrange to meet any or all of them by calling 415-504-7332.

Thanks to Tristan Crane for taking these beautiful kitten portraits!

And a reminder: There are still far too many older cats in need of immediate rescue from Animal Care and Control and other shelters, who have been dumped there by their former families who could not or did not want to stand by them. If there is room in your heart and home for one of these adult cats in desperate need, please contact Shanti Zinzi at 415-370-1353, or ACC directly.

Angel is about 5 months old now, and has been in foster care with her brother Guy Noir for most of her life. She is friendly with cats and with dogs, and is inquisitive about people and her surroundings. She has had her vaccines and will be spayed... Read more
This big eyed little guy is Bug, who was slipped in with a litter of slightly older kittens when the rescue van left the shelter. His older siblings love and look after him, so he'll do well in a multi-cat household. He's quick and bright, as well... Read more
Bumble is a sweet and playful tortoise shell kitten born May 2011. She gets along well with her littermates and other cats, loves people, and is very good natured. She's been spayed, vaccinated, and is ready for adoption into a loving, responsible... Read more
Checkerspot ADOPTED!Checkerspot ADOPTED!
Checkerspot is our Holiday poster kitty this year! She's the only female in her litter, and is playful, inquisitive and outgoing! She loves exploring her world, but also enjoys a good snuggle with a person or her littermates. She was born... Read more

Coco is a gentle loving girl who was dumped by her family she has been with since she was little. She is 75% Abyssinian MIX & saved in the nick of time! According to her former person, she gets along with other cats. She constantly gazes at you!... Read more

Daphne - ADOPTED!Daphne - ADOPTED!
Daphne is an elegant black and white short hair, born approximately mid-June 2011. She is a shy sweetheart, and the caregiver of the current batch of foster kittens, always willing to groom or cuddle with one of the younger kittens, as well as her... Read more
Guy NoirGuy Noir
Guy Noir (along with his sister, Angel) is about 5 months old now, and has been in foster care most of his life. He does well around other cats AND dogs, is quite fearless but friendly with them, in fact. He is a little shy with new people, but... Read more
This beautiful little guy is Maubert. He's a little bit shy, but he makes up for it by being a total lovebug! He adores cuddling and is very gentle, but can be playful as well. He was born sometime in June 2011.
Sacher - ADOPTED!Sacher - ADOPTED!
Sacher is playful and cuddly, enjoys human interaction as well as romping with other kittens. Born May 2011, Sacher is spayed, vaccinated, and ready for adoption into a loving, responsible forever home.
Sylvie- ADOPTED!Sylvie- ADOPTED!
There is nothing shy about Sylvie! She's playful, inquisitive and very outgoing. She gets along well with other cats, but seems to prefer the company of dogs and humans! She's an all around well-adjusted kitten! She was born in June 2011.