Here are the wonderful animal care providers of the All Creatures Healing Network. Every one of them is a loving and sensitive expert in caring for animals like your pet. Click on any provider's name to get to know them better!

Bosley's Dog Walking
Bosley's Dog Walking provides small group and individual dog walking, and in-home sitting care for dogs, cats, chickens, etc.
Aldyth Beltane
In addition to a lifelong love of animals and commitment to their care and well-being, Aldyth has over four years experience as a veterinary assistant, as well as an additional four years of on the job vet tech training at Especially Cats Veterinary Hospital. Aldyth has worked in holistic and western animal hospitals, including an emergency care facility, and learned many different approaches to animal health. Her beliefs have remained with alternative systems of health and healing. For her, All Creatures Healing Network is not just a business, it is a vocation.
Brad Beltane
Cats love Brad!
David Fitzgerald
David will charm and care for your cats and dogs!
Kathryn Page

Kathryn is a healer and Life Coach with a background in body work. She brings her calm, steady energy to the care of all her clients, human & feline.