The Most Complete Raw Food Recipe EVER!

by Aldyth Beltane -From Feline Futures Via Lois Buhalis

This recipe, which was published years ago by Feline Futures, is an astoundingly complete and well-balanced diet that you make at home for your cats. Most of these ingredients can be bought in bulk in advance and stored, and you can use frozen meat which can be thawed and stored in the refrigerator for about 3 days once mixed. Lois Buhalis, who gave me this recipe, has used it for her cats for over ten years, and her cat Jake Jakers lived and thrived on it for 15 years *after* being diagnosed as FIV positive.

There are other recipes for homemade diets that can be found in various books devoted to natural pet care, such as Richard Pitcairn's Natural Health for Dogs and Cats, and Anitra Frasier's The Natural Pet. Where many mainstream vets are unfamiliar with or possibly unsupportive of a raw food diet, please consult with your holistic veterinary practitioner for changes or questions regarding your pets' diets.

The Recipe:

3/4 cup water

1/2 tblsp. psyllium husk powder

2 tsp. organic beef gelatine

1/2 tblsp. bone meal powder

1 tsp. dulse powder

1 tsp. kelp powder

1 capsule ImmoPlex Glandular (NutriCology brand)

2/3 capsule vitamin B-50 Complex

2/3 capsule MegaTaurine (or any 1000 mg Taurine)

1 gel cap (contents) Salmon Oil - 1000 mg

1 tblsp. Cod Liver Oil

10 drops Liquid Vitamin E

1 egg yolk

1 lb. ground turkey

In a big bowl, mix the dry ingredients together with a whisk, add the water and wait about 5 minutes or so until they start to gell, then add the oils, vit E and egg yolk and whisk all of that together thoroughly. Then add the turkey, mixing everything in with a fork or wooden spoon or whatever.

Although this recipe appears complicated, it only takes 20 minutes to prepare, and how long it lasts depends on how many pets you are feeding with it. For finicky eaters, and small amount of high-quality (check the ingredients and place of manufacture) canned food can be used to augment for scent and flavor.

Happy feeding!