In addition to a lifelong love of animals and commitment to their care and well-being, Aldyth has over four years experience as a veterinary assistant, as well as an additional four years of on the job vet tech training at Especially Cats Veterinary Hospital. . For four of those years she was the chief assistant to Dr. Barbara Fishelson, a leading homeopathic vet with a private San Francisco practice. It was there that Aldyth embraced the holistic approach to healing for all beings, and learned to communicate the subtleties of those approaches to clients. Since Dr. Fishelson closed her local practice, Aldyth has worked in western animal hospitals, and learned about different approaches to animal's health. For her, All Creatures Healing Network is not just a business, it is a vocation.

Aldyth started All Creatures Healing Network to work more closely and personally with clients and pets, getting to know each on a more individual level. And since daily as well as special circumstances also contribute to a being's overall health, Aldyth is integrating other aspects of pet care, such as grooming, dog walking, and pet sitting into the network, all with a holistic philosophy.

As well as being the primary voice and outreach for All Creatures Healing Network, Aldyth is a pet sitter and provides simple grooming for cats. She is companion person to a small pride of cats, plus lizards and newts. Her past and current endeavors include public relations, writing, performance, DJing, and volunteering for organizations such as the SPCA and others.

Quote: "When you perform service to Bast, She rewards you with kittens."